A Must Watch for Product Designers and Founders

Phil Morle | March 1, 2010 | Pollenizer News | 4 Comments |

There is so much game theory in product design. Here is a terrific, yet slightly disturbing, journey through our game-packed world.

As difficult as it may seem, you need to know this if you make consumer web products. Especially if you want to make revenue.

My question to you: Can we design authenticity and depth into digital product design or will it always be one-step removed? I like to think that we can.

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Phil Morle

CEO / Startup Scientist at Pollenizer
Phil is the CEO of Pollenizer. He works with startups and corporates all over the world to bring Pollenizer's startup science to their practice. He has co-founded a great many companies. In former lives, Phil has been the CTO of Kazaa and a theatre director.
  • Phil Morle

    Good or bad, we need to know this stuff and understand it.

  • Pierre Sauvignon

    Excellent! Gold in so many ways… Can’t wait to build these apps ;)

  • Phil Morle

    Challenge to myself: Find a way for users to feel this in the next product I design: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=codmxk7uLv8 Do you know what I mean?

  • Chris McLay

    He had me until he started talking about the future, then he seemed to go backwards.

    All worth considering though…

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