Pollenizer Academy

Pollenizer Academy equips individuals and teams with the practical knowledge needed to build a successful business the lean way. Using lean startup tools and techniques, Pollenizer Academy courses balance theoretical principles with hands-on guided workshops – all with the aim having you running lean.

What people have said…

The real value from this course goes far beyond the excellent tools, techniques and concepts related to Developing Lean Startups. Within a couple days, you did a great job allowing participants to crystallize who they are, what they are there for, what they should do, and to prove them that for real tangible progress, focus and action are much more important than time. “

– Gerald Berkovics, Independent Experts

Brilliant insights, tools and techniques. I feel much more confident about approaching new product concepts and reaching our consumers.

– Allan Waddell, Mi9

I can now identify where our business has gone wrong in the past and how to minimise our mistakes or failures in the future.

– David Lamyman

The course demystified the world of startups and provided concrete concepts that can be used in corporate land. The world is looking very different now!

– Stephen Dunn, Macquarie Group Australia

Course Overviews

Startup Focus

Pollenizer Academy presents a class on Focusing your Startup. This hands on guided workshop will prepare any business for a competitve environment and will allow attendees to apply this knowledge to their business.

Pitching for Investment

Every startup needs to be lean and bootstrap at various stages. Many will still face the task of raising investment capital at some stage for expansion. Capital raising is as much about planning and preparation as it is about having a good business.

Lean Startup Bootcamp 

We’ve teamed up with muru-D to present a series of Lean Startup Bootcamps across various cities in Australia. These intense sessions are specifically targeted entrepreneurs, exploring problem solution fit.

Building Lean Startups Series 

Part One/ Problem Solution Fit 

This course is about how Pollenizer employees learn their craft. It will re-wire your brain to the art of new business discovery. If you want to start a business or innovate from within an existing company, you will value this journey.

Part Two/ Product Marketing Fit 

Building on the material in Building Lean Startups, this course hones in on two key topics for lean startup practitioners – lean analytics and customer acquisition aka growth hacking. An ideal follow on for graduates of Building Lean Startups, or anyone who is actively working to apply lean principles to their startup or corporate project.