By: Simon Cunningham

With the start of a new financial year looming now is a great time to prepare your business for the year ahead. Be disciplined and set aside some time to prepare an annual budget, nut out a roadmap and align your team so everyone is focused to achieve the right outcomes. At some point most founders feel the pain of a burning platform, many live constantly with the fear of running out of money before

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By: Михаил  Чуркин

Diversity may seem like the new buzz word in today's global landscape, however in a world where talent is becoming harder to retain diversity is in fact a word for all business leaders and entrepreneurs to pay attention to. Many people consider diversity to be about equality in gender and race, however it spreads further than that. To be diverse and stay ahead of the game today requires an understanding of culture on a broader

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On July 1st 2014 all business owners will need to pay their employees more Superannuation (Super) as the next round of increases comes into effect. This is good news if you’re an employee, however for many startups this means less runway when increased employee costs are added to budgets and forecasts for the 2015 financial year. Employer super obligations are changing with a gradual annual increase to 12% by 1st July 2019. Currently super is

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