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Startups are hard. But life is better when you have sales. Here is why I encourage people to spend a ratio of 50:1 on sales versus capital Startups are far too 'popular' right now and unfortunately reading too much Techcrunch will have you believe that that you start, raise capital and exit. The goal is to build a business, not start a startup. Good business is the creation of value and the realisation of that

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TL;DR Version After five and a half years building Pollenizer I'm taking on a new challenge with Muru-D, an accelerator program sponsored by Telstra. I will stay on as a board member of Pollenizer, Oomph and WooBoard, I'll keep working to grow the ecosystem and I'll keeping working hard on (and regularly failing at) focus. Full Story "We must not cease from exploration. And, at the end of our exploring, we will arrive at where

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I did a talk last night at the WeCo co-working space to the Women Entrepreneur group. The topic was embracing failure. Today, to say thanks, they sent me possibly the best cupcakes I've ever seen. They spelled out FLEARN. We had a great chat and panel about failure, covering: The importance of failure to success. Critical. You only learn from your failures and doing something new requires failure to work it out. WD40 took 40

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