Yesterday, City of Sydney’s Business 101 was for Tech Startups. We at Pollenizer were there, exhibiting with our friends from muru-D, Hub Sydney, AWI ventures, Fishburners, General Assembly and CeBIT. It was great to see so many aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs out to seek advice, lessons and knowledge. There were some excellent speakers on the stage, including our very own Phil Morle. They all had some exciting stories to share about the environment, the different

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Question: "How many consultants does it take to change a light bulb?" Answer: "Let me think, what's your budget again?" ... Or so the old joke goes. But perhaps not for much longer. I have talked about Deloitte's excellent Short Fuse, Big Bang case study a few times; see here and here for example. There is a lot to like about this report, but if there is one thing that stands out to me above all

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Startup Focus books were literally everywhere last week, as we handed out hundreds of books to those who attended the largest startup conference in Australia.* SydStart proudly welcomed over 1000 attendees, to the annual tech focused conference at their new home, at the Hilton. The full Pollenizer team were at the event, mulling between the different floors of activity from a very early start. There was almost too much on offer, with multiple morning meetups, two floors of

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