99 Problems

The other day Phil wrote about The Golden Idea, now I want to pick up on that theme and take the next step down the typical entrepreneur's path - developing your idea into a business plan. For the sake of this exercise, let's call our "typical entrepreneur" Me In 2008... When I first joined Pollenizer I wrote about some of the startup failures and learnings which brought me here: We Be was an interactive social networking platform targeted

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By: Sean McMenemy

Looking at businesses like Facebook from the outside can send a message that it is OK to build something awesome and figure out the monetisation later. Please don't do that with your startup. I have a couple of times, and it is painful. On both occasions we worked very hard on early stage concepts only to discover that it would always be very challenging to make money. Here's how I like to work on REVENUE and COSTS cells

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My life as a theatre director was not that different to my life as a startup founder.  Both lives require me to make something from nothing with too few resources. Both require me to draw on my creativity. In both I get blocked. Stuck. Paralysed. What is the right next move? Is this good enough? In the arts we accept creative block as a challenge to be overcome with discipline and process. In business and

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