We are running lean startup bootcamp at Muru-D in Sydney. Here's some business models that the teams have developed. Can they communicate it in a tweet? Let us know in the comments any feedback on the businesses. Would you become a customer? Is it investable? Have you tried to build anything like this yourself with any learnings? Here's some of Veery's customer validation

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Pygg has recently been diving deep into solving the cash issue in public schools. Every school day thousands of children across Australia carry cash to schools for payments relating to excursions, fees, sports days etc. For a five year old, this is plain crazy. We started solving the pain of these cash transactions with our cashless payment platform. We asked the customer what their problems were - which helped - however, the real innovation started when

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Pollenizer has teamed up with the team at Oomph again, to present a course on Designing and Publishing iPad Apps. The last session was so successful, we've got the team back in to present their design workshop. The classes are limited to 20, and give those in attendance an opportunity to meet other people using Indesign to build their apps. Often it can be a case of bridging the gap and getting to grips with

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