Introducing the Lean Startup Tools

These are tools we use everyday in our work at Pollenizer. They are grouped below to suit the different stages of your startup journey:

There are also some bonus Collaboration ToolsDeveloper Tools and Domain materials at the bottom of the page.

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Thinking, Planning and Pitching

Pollenizer Lean Dashboard and Canvas (Current v5)

We recommend the Lean Canvas to map your business model and track what you learn as it develops. Here is a quick walkthrough to show you how it works.


This is your business plan in a page Google Spreadsheet. To edit your own, sign in with your Google account and select File > Make a Copy.

Pollenizer Universal Pitch Deck

A starter kit for your pitches, the Universal Pitch Deck works hand in hand with your Lean Canvas.

Universal Pitch Deck

To edit your own, sign in with your Google account and select File > Make a Copy

Manual Testing – The ‘Wizard of Oz’ Way

It is amazing what you can do without writing a line of code to validate your business idea. Check out Phil’s five-part blog series on customer development for non-programmers to see what we mean: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 and Part 5.

Wiz behind curtain Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

This is the Wizard of Oz way to discover a business model. Here’s another great post to get you thinking: The Ultimate Guide to Minimum Viable Products

We are constantly prototyping new startups with apps like the ones below. All you need to get started is a form app like Wufoo or Typeform + content via a hosted CMS like WordPress or Strikingly + somewhere to collect the cash…. Go!



With this ubiquitous content management system (CMS) you can have a website up in minutes with a beautiful design. Super versatile.

WP Engine


A powerful hosting service for WordPress. One click and you can install it, then make almost any kind of functionality with WordPress plus the right Themes and Plugins.

Get your themes from Themeforest.



If you don’t need the power or WordPress but you need it to look amazing, try Strikingly for a gorgeous one-page website. Great for mobile websites, landing pages and quick customer validations.

Launch Rock


Very simple landing page plus some social capabilities for getting customers to sign up while you build your MVP.

Facebook Pages


Make a page to build a community around your startup’s unique value proposition on the very first day. Build your customer base and learn what they want.



The most beautiful form builder application that you can also embed in your site. Works well on mobiles too.



By far, the most powerful form builder. Customise the look, collect money (Stripe) and string forms together to make complex logic flows.

Google Forms


The standard way to collect data quickly from customers. You don’t need to wait for an engineer.



The original quick way to get some cash from somebody.



A  developer-friendly way to collect money without leaving your own website and without needing a merchant account. Also integrated into Wufoo forms for quick cash collection without being a developer.

Pin Payments


Australia’s first all-in-one online payment API. Can be connected to various other apps like Shopify, Big Commerce and Xero.



Another easy to integrate payment gateway without needing a merchant account.



Quickly create a beautiful store to test your e-commerce business idea.

Big Commerce


Quickly create a beautiful store to test your e-commerce business idea.

BUILD: Design and Prototyping


Absolutely brilliant, simple way to make quick graphics for your product.


Want to prepare a wireframe but can’t even draw a stick figure? Balsamiq makes it super easy to design both web and mobile apps, with drag’n’drop functionality and simple collaboration options.


Prototyping on paper. Get your thoughts down in hard copy, take a picture of your sketch, and then make the jump to digital world with storyboards that link together effortlessly.


Use your existing screen designs to create prototype iOs and Android apps.


Make an iPhone app that feels real.

Loads more wireframing apps

Lots of wireframing toos from the App Entrepreneur. And here from Mashable.

MEASURE: Analytics

Google Analytics

Build > Measure > Learn. Add this free analytics tool to your test products to learn what people actually do.


Where Google Analytics measures clicks, Kiss Metrics measures people and cohorts.


Build, publish and A/B test landing pages without needing to write a single line of code.


Dead simple A/B testing with 30 day free trial.


Focus on actionable metrics and monitor whether your “improvements” actually make your product better or worse.

LEARN (& EARN): Customer Acquisition

Facebook Ads

Drive the web to your landing pages and tests. The easiest to get started with and lots to learn from the demographic targeting.

Google AdWords

Drive the web to your landing pages and tests.

LinkedIn Ads

Drive the web to your landing pages and tests.


Try and sell your own ad product and sell to a customer.


Collaboration Tools


Project Management

Collect and share all your ideas in one place, collaborate on tasks and track your team’s progress from To Do to Doing to Done.



“Be less busy” and bring all your team’s communications under one roof… Inbox Zero, here we come!

Red Pen


A picture tells a thousand words, but sometimes you need a million words to understand visual changes and provide feedback. Red Pen is the fastest way to explain your thinking.

Developer Tools

Twitter Bootstrap

Front end

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap templates


Front end

The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library



Cloud Application Platform

Pollenizer Code


Our Github repository for a rapid start to coding a business.



Find a domain name that is unique


Find a domain name that is unique

Secret weapon of choice for hackathons and accelerators

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