Are you going to DEMO Asia?

Phil Morle | January 25, 2012 | Pollenizer News | 0 Comments |

I am taking part (judge and panelist) in the first ever DEMO Asia this February and there are no Australians on the agenda :(

We have asked around our network and there are people travelling from far and wide to attend. It may be a great opportunity for you to get the DEMO experience (for a fraction of the cost of the US) and introduce your business to Asian investors and media. Also a very efficient way to mainline your way into the community from across the region.

See you in Singapore at the end of February?

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Phil is the CEO of Pollenizer. He works with startups and corporates all over the world to bring Pollenizer's startup science to their practice. He has co-founded a great many companies. In former lives, Phil has been the CTO of Kazaa and a theatre director.

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