In the past 10 years or so, Startup culture has done a terrific job in educating aspiring founders on the skills, tactics and hacks we need to establish a new business model. Which, by the way is the best definition of a startup – a business for which no financial model and or customer solution already exists. But because what we do in startup land is so new, there are also many new business concepts

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Being in a startup can be brutal and Pollenizer is no exception. 7 years in, it hasn’t got easier. Some days, we struggle with it. We work so hard with everything we have and then something happens to take away that glimmer of hope that was keeping us smiling. But this is not another ‘startups are hard’ story. A few years ago, we had a business in India, led by our good friend Jagadeesh Vijayakumar,

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Hi Sydney, My name is Fernando and I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Land of La Pampa Húmeda, Patagonia Argentina, Dulce de Leche, Asado, Alfajores, Empanadas, Mate and Messi. As for Australia, I’m getting used very quickly to the Aussie BBQs, Vegemite, Meat Pies, Lamingtons, Cricket, Rugby and Footy among other amazing things. In the past, I have run the Buenos Aires Lean Startup Machine and Lean Startup Meetup Group, plus coached for Startup NEXT

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Phil wrote a punchy piece earlier this year about the balancing act between brutal truth and hope being a condition of startup success. "Without brutal truth, we live the startup dream until we run out of money and go back to our day job. Without hope, we never begin." This is baked into every day of our life as founders. It is part of the underlying rhythm as we make our way along the entrepreneur's journey - all the way

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The most exciting thing I’ve seen in the Australian business community this year is large companies- think ASX 100 getting their startup on. Many are finally realising that this new tech, lean approach to innovation and change isn’t just a side show, it’s quickly becoming the main game. It’s a bit like a rock band that goes on tour as the support act, and by the end of it becomes the main act. In response,

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Rows of a Carrot Field

In January 2015, Pollenizer will co-found a new business focused on the global food-chain. We will start in Australia automating today's manual process of getting food from the field to the store. This is a massive b2b business opportunity for the right person to join the business from the first day to build something that they own. The Opportunity Today, getting food from the field to the store is a cumbersome process that has not

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It’s easy to get yourself deep inside some kind of wormhole when we live in startup land. We hang out with startup founders, we attend technology conferences, we read the same blogs, we follow the same companies and entrepreneurs, and we frequent the same cafes. In many ways we can end up in some kind of entrepreneurial echo chamber where everything we experience becomes a reflection of what we already believe. Just look at your

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Pay It Forward

I spent the weekend facilitating at #SWPerth, one of six Startup Weekends taking place across Australia (and one hundred more all over the world) as part of the Global Startup Battle. My mind always gets blown at these events. We define an entrepreneur as "someone who pursues opportunities beyond their current level of resources". When all anyone in the room has is an idea, 48 hours and a naive sense of optimism, the resources are obviously

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This weekend, there are six Startup Weekends taking place across Australia - in Sydney (where Phil  is one of the mentors on what is an awesome coaching panel!), Melbourne, Perth (which I am facilitating), Cairns, Townsville and the Gold Coast. We're not the only ones though, with one hundred other events across the globe - from Buenos Aires and Lima in South America, to Stockholm and Budapest in Europe, to Kathmandu and Guangzhou in Asia. Events like Startup

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By: Kevin Dooley

We are born entrepreneurs. And then we spend the next 12 years at industrialised schooling which quickly whips any kind of creative free thinking spirit out of us. Yes, we learn to conform, follow rules, colour inside the lines, fill in the boxes and get told that the idea of collaborating is actually cheating. Yes, the one thing that makes us such a dominant species (division of labour and skill sharing) is called cheating at

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Startups are trendy. It’s really trendy to say that you are the founder of a startup. It sounds kinda cool and all this imagery of Silicon Valley success infiltrates the mind. Big shiny digital brand names, funky office spaces, and the fantasy of joining the one percent with some crazy 8 figure exit create a strong pop culture interest in the scene. And so we have this gravity pulling us towards starting our own startup.

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For the past 56 hours, we have been working with 22 teams, to solve the greatest problems facing the city of today. Our hackers are creating a smart city, delivering valuable systems to change how the city of the future runs. Participants come from Singtel's Telco group, and have traveled from all over the globe for the chance to bring their concept to reality. Top teams from tonight's pitching will incubate their startup in at Pollenizer

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Your current idea is good enough. Waiting for a great startup idea is a fool's errand. It isn’t going to arrive, and it doesn’t even need to. Many of the famous and amazing household name startups we know started as something much different to what brought their success. Let’s consider these examples: • Flickr: started out as an online gaming company • Youtube: started out as a video dating website • Twitter: was born out

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A pivot isn't just something we say to make us feel like we are a lean, nimble, innovative startup. A pivot doesn't mean we go back to square one and start again. A pivot isn't spinning in circles, looking for a path ahead. In basketball they call that travel. In startup science, we call it a lack of focus. A pivot takes advantage of the lessons we have already learned. A pivot impacts all the assumptions which

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Digital Analog

I love the internet. I really do. Humankind has never been so connected. We can start a business from our spare room, sell something to customers on the other side of the world, and ship them a digital product in the blink of an eye. With apologies to the wheel and the steam engine, there has never been a greater enabler than the internet. As entrepreneurs, though, sometimes we get too excited by this amazing

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The real value of blogging Ok, I’ll just come straight out and say it: Of all things I have done in my work and career, blogging has by far been the most valuable and had the biggest impact (personal and financial) of all work related activities I have undertaken. Sounds kind of lofty and an overstatement of reality, but I mean this deep down in my heart. Blogging helped me to see and think in

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99 Problems

The other day Phil wrote about The Golden Idea, now I want to pick up on that theme and take the next step down the typical entrepreneur's path - developing your idea into a business plan. For the sake of this exercise, let's call our "typical entrepreneur" Me In 2008... When I first joined Pollenizer I wrote about some of the startup failures and learnings which brought me here: We Be was an interactive social networking platform targeted

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By: Sean McMenemy

Looking at businesses like Facebook from the outside can send a message that it is OK to build something awesome and figure out the monetisation later. Please don't do that with your startup. I have a couple of times, and it is painful. On both occasions we worked very hard on early stage concepts only to discover that it would always be very challenging to make money. Here's how I like to work on REVENUE and COSTS cells

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My life as a theatre director was not that different to my life as a startup founder.  Both lives require me to make something from nothing with too few resources. Both require me to draw on my creativity. In both I get blocked. Stuck. Paralysed. What is the right next move? Is this good enough? In the arts we accept creative block as a challenge to be overcome with discipline and process. In business and

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Weathered Brick Wall

The impossible opportunity On the other side of my time as CTO at Kazaa I was offered an incredible opportunity to be Entrepreneur in Residence for a Silicon Valley VC. Phase 1: I was proud and ecstatic. "Dream opportunity. Build what I want. Wow!" Phase 2: Panic. "Oh shit. I can't think of anything" And there I stayed. I let the need for a golden idea get in my way of starting. I didn't start. Walt Disney

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